Home Remedies

I am all about finding Home Remedies that actually work!

Especially when they do not include pharmaceuticals, medications and/or visits to the doctor, urgent care or ER!

There fore I will constantly be adding new home remedies that I come across & that I’ve tried as they arise & adding them to this page!

So please follow this blog & see what magical cures could be in your future!

Wondering what to get those special friends or lovers for the Holidays… Wonder no more!

Cali-Wonder Balm/Regular Strength/All skin types/Unisex/Organic

Cali Wonder Balm...I wonder what it Can't do!
Cali Wonder Balm…I wonder what it Can’t do!

How many types of Creams, salves & tinctures have you used? Too many to count, right! Well stop shopping around & do yourself a favor & start using Cali-Wonder Balm.

Has been shown to be effective in the relief of pain associated with dislocated joints, broken bones, Hip Dysplasia, arthritis, tendonitis, rheumatism, neuropathy & fibromyalgia. Treatment of hemorrhoids, Eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, sunburn & burns from flame, razor burn, precancerous skin spots, bug bites, rashes including poison oak, dry cracked feet & hands, cold sores and foot fungus, head aches, cramps. Also known to treat other ailments.

Contains: Analgesic, Anti-biotic, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Fungal.

This Balm works so good “I wonder what it Can’t do!”

100% Organic ingredients.

Made with Love, care & Healing vibes!

Made in California

No Returns necessary we assure you this product will work for you!

Safe for Children of all ages.

Ingredients do not seep into skin causing euphoric affects.

Regular Strength $30 +shipping

Triple Strength $75.00 + shipping

Willing to meet for local pick-ups!

Just send me an email with your orders & will email you your invoice caliwonderbalmaz@gmail.com

For questions call us at the Office:(951) 394-1590 anytime!


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